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A Real Estate team in Calgary built for you

As a Team Agent, you get the best of both worlds, a supportive and innovative brokerage combined with a full-service sales team. 

If the idea of not knowing where your next deal is coming from is a concern, then a Renzo Team Agent could be the perfect spot for you. Imagine a world where you open your computer to handfuls of new leads. These people have shown interest in buying and selling real estate in Calgary and they need your help. 

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*Given the nature of the team structure, spots are limited and application is required 

A true team environment where you are given everything you need to succeed in real estate!

What is involved when you join Calgary's Real Estate Team?


Leads, Endless Leads!

As a Renzo Real Estate Team Agent, there is no shortage of leads. You can expect 30+ leads per month and a database full of people you are nurturing. Actually, you receive leads on the day you signup! And the best part, you don't pay a dime for them. (Cha-Ching)

More interested in working your current database? No worries, we have amazing platforms for you to focus on your database and we can tone-down or ramp-up your leads as you wish.  

Join Calgary Real Estate Team - Meetings

Meetings, Workshops, seminars

Join us throughout the week in the boardroom where we we learn, celebrate your successes, and work through challenging deals. 

No longer will you be alone trying to figure out how to put together that deal or convert that lead. We are here for you! 

Join Calgary Real Estate Team - Splits

Say "Peace" to Expenses

Just like this friendly looking fella, you can say "peace out" to real estate expenses. The stress of fees from technology products, lead nurturing, listing expenses, and closing gifts are gone. There are no up-front costs to being on the Renzo Real Estate Sales Team. 

All the Technology

At Renzo Real Estate, we don't take technology lightly. We are a relationship based sales team powered by real estate's most sophisticated software. You have have FREE access to CRMs, drip campaigns, landing pages, e-newsletters, websites, digital signing platforms, online assistant programs, virtual reality headsets, online training programs and so much more. 

You are going to be locked and loaded with the best technology to serve your clients at the highest level. 

Join Calgary Real Estate Team - Technology
Join Calgary Real Estate Team - Assistant

Tracking and reporting

You know what they say, you can't improve what you don't track. As a Renzo Team Agent, your activities are tracked and reported. From there, we will provide you with coaching and training to get you to the next level!

Join Calgary Real Estate Team - Training

1-on-1 and Group Coaching

Everyone learns in different ways and as a Renzo Team Agent, you will be part of 1-on-1 coaching every week. There will also be weekly team coaching where everyone learns together. This virtually guarentees your success in real estate. 

Assistant services

As a Renzo Team Agent, you will be a specialist at selling real estate. This is your bread and butter and we want to keep it that way. That is why you have access to assistant services to help with paperwork, arranging vendors, communication, marketing and much more. 

You keep selling and we will keep assistant-ing. 

Join Calgary Real Estate Team - Support

All The other Goodies 

Full access to Renzo Real Estate resources where you will find templated emails, social media images, scripts, objection handling, marketing materials, listing presentations, buyer presentations, training videos and so, so much more. 

Join Calgary Real Estate Team - Realtor

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*Given the nature of the team structure, spots are limited and application is required