The Real Estate Tech Playground


Renzo's Lab is the intersection of innovation, technology, and real estate. In the lab, we are bringing real estate into the age of technology to better arm our agents and consumers with more efficient tech solutions. This modern platform allows our team to be at the forefront of the technology movement. 


Virtual Reality (VR) – How we experience a home is on the verge of a dramatic change. You can now tour a home from your living room.  

Matterport – In tandem with VR, Matterport is completely redesigning how we view a home and it takes floor plans to a whole new level.

Snapchat – Could Snapchat be used to help market a property? You bet. 

Floored – Acquired by CBRE, Floored is a genius visual tool for the commercial real estate space used for viewing and creating your office space. 

Roomi – We are all familiar with Airbnb but what do you do when you are looking for a roommate in your new town? Meet Roomi, a verified service that matches you with a roommate for your place.  



Coworking Space – Imagine an office with all sorts of businesses and entrepreneurs working on their projects. Coworking space are an ideal setting for go-getters in different fields to come together, share ideas, and share referrals.

Live Streaming – As our world moves to video on social media platforms, live streaming is offering a new way to communicate with your following. 

Folio – A personal gmail assistant for real estate pros. The plugin scans your email and sorts your messages, acting like a transaction coordinator.

Podcasting – Podcasts are now a mainstream source of education, media, and entertainment for people. Given the advancements in technology, podcasts are very easy to launch and relatively inexpensive. Find out how they can help your business!