Trust Stamp: Safety for Real Estate Agents

Trust Stamp was a runner up in Inman's Most Innovative Companies for 2017. This exciting piece of technology has potential to help many industries, but it has some particularly interesting applications for the real estate agent. 

Trust Stamp

What it does:
Trust Stamp pulls from publicly available data such as social media and other online sources to verify that person's identity and give them a "trust score". Based on the technology's research, it will let you know if the individual entered is likely to be trusted or not. 

Why is this fresh/important:
In real estate, we are always meeting new people, and we are entering their homes (and other's homes). Furthermore, real estate agents are highly visible in the community and easily contacted by the public. We have all heard the horror stories of issues arising during a showing/listing appointment with a stretchy person. This technology minimizes the risk of these situations occurring. 

Added benefit:
The client fills out their information, so you can determine right away if they are serious. My thoughts are tire kickers wouldn't bother. Also, the new client is treated as a VIP by entering your VIP network through Trust Stamp. 

The downside:
Similar to many new tech companies' downsides - it is not available in Canada. That said, all good things will make their way up north if we push for it. For the time being, it is a cool new piece of tech to watch. 

Trust Stamp is a fantastic concept for the modern day real estate agent.