Coworking Space - The Future of Office Space

Coworking Space - The Future of Real Estate Brokerages

Sparked by the technology and fueled by the entrepreneurial movement, coworking space is gaining steam in urban centers across the US and Canada. Coworking is an office space that is shared by a mix of businesses and people. There are a variety of structures at these spaces but they all are built around the idea of collaboration. 

There are a number of tech-focused real estate brokerages that are using coworking space as an option for their professionals. The real power of this environment is the ability to consistently connect with other businesses and learn from them while also building a foundation of trust for referrals. 

At Renzo Real Estate we in believe the power of collaboration and we have paired with The Commons Calgary for a group office environment. 

The power of this comes from all sorts of entrepreneurs being under the same roof. In the morning you can work on a CMA and discuss it with your colleagues. In the afternoon you can lean over and chat with a graphic designer, an accountant, a tech startup and many other businesses. 

This is a tremendous source of referrals as you can get to know other business professionals in our community and build relationships with potential buyers and sellers right at the office! 



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