Millennials say Goodbye to the Standard Real Estate Model

As technology continues to spark an evolution in the real estate industry, one Calgary based real estate brokerage is paving the way into the digital future with a focus on millennials.

Renzo Real Estate Inc., a new boutique real estate brokerage in Calgary, is targeting a new wave of real estate professionals to their brokerage with novel work culture, community events, and cutting edge technology. Owners Michael and Willemina Montgomery are both millennials that had a desire to create a real estate brokerage catering to the needs of the future generation of real estate agents.

Millennials are driven by their purpose, have a desire to be connected, and they want a coach, not a boss
— Michael Montgomery, Renzo Real Estate Broker

“Millennials are our future and they have a different outlook on the world” says broker and co-owner Michael Montgomery. “Millennials are driven by their purpose, have a desire to be connected, and they want a coach, not a boss”. Renzo Real Estate is one of a few fully operational brokerages working out of a coworking space and the owners believe this is a major contributor to the draw for millennials. “At Renzo Real Estate, your office is bustling with all sorts of driven entrepreneurs and you have the opportunity to connect with various business owners in your day” adds co-owner and manager, Willemina Montgomery. Renzo Real Estate has built its model around the importance of a family-like culture in its office.

The new boutique brokerage has a support network and coaching programs that focus on sales to the millennial generation. “Our programs are developed to advance our agents’ skills when dealing with the new generation of home buyer and seller”, remarks Michael. “These buyers have a whole new look on the home buying process and we need to support our agents in these transactions”, says Willemina.

Renzo Real Estate also caters to the technology savvy side of millennials. For instance, they provide a virtual reality experience for buyers and sellers. Renzo Real Estate’s listings can be experienced through virtual reality with Matterport’s cutting-edge 3D Showcase technology. Additionally, buyers receive virtual reality headsets to tour homes from wherever they please, which can save both buyers and agents time. “The consumer is looking for a higher level of marketing and with foreign buyers on a steep rise in Calgary, we believe virtual reality provides an additional tool in the real estate transaction”, says Michael. Beyond virtual reality, Renzo Real Estate is experimenting with statistical pricing tools, intelligent contact management systems, and seamless digital document handling solutions.

Maegan Philp, a Renzo Real Estate agent in her mid-twenties, comments “I'm excited to be a part of a small start-up brokerage because I can watch it grow and get to know everyone who becomes part of the brokerage on a professional level as well as on a friendship level.”

The unique focus of Renzo Real Estate in Calgary is proving to be highly valuable for home buyers and sellers in the millennial generation.