How To Find a Top REALTOR® in Calgary [Step-By-Step]

How To Find a Top REALTOR® in Calgary [Step-By-Step]

Finding a Top Calgary REALTOR® is a time consuming task. Going through a REALTOR® directory and searching the most recent reviews are great ways to get started. In this how-to guide, you will learn a step-by-step way find the best agent and real estate company to help you through the buying or selling process. Learn a number of questions you should ask your REALTOR® and learn more about commissions and fees.

Calgary Real Estate Market: November 2018

Calgary Real Estate Market: November 2018

Calgary real estate and housing market for November 2018. Brought to you by REALTORS® at Renzo Real Estate (Brokerage) in Calgary, Alberta.

Moving into November is always an interesting month in Calgary real estate as we are beginning to move out of the fall months and into the winter months. It is a transition month where we can see some natural shifts in buying patterns. From a market standpoint, it is common to see persistent sales in the fall as buyers work to lock down a property before the snowy season. Once we move into the winter months, sales usually drop off, as do listings.

REALTOR®-ing at Stampede

So you are a Realtor with a cowboy hat on for the week? Let's see what can be done to turn some of those mini donuts into real estate deals.

Calgary Stampede

Here are five things every real estate agent can do over the next ten days to be a productive cowgirl/cowboy! 

Now, we know that dreaded feeling of walking into an event, not knowing anyone and feeling like a sleaze ball trying to sell something. Worry not, use these two simple tricks, and you will be rocking it. One, go into the event with zero expectations to come out with business. Actually, forget about business altogether and focus solely on making friends! Two - and it ties into the first tip - in making conversation, make it all about them! They feel uncomfortable too, so make them feel great by complimenting them on their hat and asking about their stampede plans. 

Calgary Stampede

1. Attend your Community Pancake Breakfast. This is your chance to strut your stuff and chat real estate with members of your community. Remember the two networking tips - no expectations and make it all about them! 
Bonus: Most haven't been drinking yet so you can have a coherent conversation! 

2. Seek an event with a focus on a cause. Are you vegan? There is a pancake breakfast for you. Enjoy spending time with kids? How about a KidSport event. Are you politically inclined? How about attending the premier's breakfast.  Whatever your thing, there is likely an event around it!

3. Attend Realtor Round Up. We text, call, and email all day but rarely do we all get together to have a cocktail and strengthen our connections in the industry. Don't miss the Realtor Round Up! This year the event takes place on July 14th at the Cowboy's Tent.

4. Come away with a story. In a couple of weeks you will hear, "so what did you do for Stampede"? Be prepared for this and come away with a story or two. No no no, this doesn't have to be shenanigans. How about you try the food: World's Hottest Pizza, Unicorn Hot Chocolate, Waffle Taco. Or you checked out the Grandstand Show or a concert. Do something (*safe*) where you can tell the story afterwards.

5. Say Yes to your friends. Friends are going out for a night? Go out with them for a night of fun! Yes, your friends already buy and sell with you but there will certainly be more people for you to meet in the group. Next thing you know, you will be selling your friend's, friend's, friend a house!

Have some fun this year and build those connections! Yee-haw! 


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