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As a new or experienced REALTOR® in Calgary, Renzo Real Estate has your back.

The numbers don't lie. Unfortunately, many more REALTORS® quit real estate in their first two years than stay in the industry. This is not because these REALTORS® didn't have potential - it is mainly due to the lack of training and mentoring.  At Renzo Real Estate we take REALTOR® training seriously; so seriously, in fact, that we have a full success plan for those looking for a boost. This program is not for the faint of heart as the training is in-depth and current. 

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Lynx Plan

Because, who doesn't love fun names! 

This is the most extensive training program out there and it is exclusively for Renzo Real Estate Agents and team members

What is involved in Calgary's Real Estate Mentorship Program



Calgary's complete and advanced real estate sales training is here! Renzo Real Estate is hosting The Real Estate Accelerator - exclusively for Renzo Real Estate Agents who do not accept mediocrity and are determined to create the best life for themselves in real estate.

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Weekly Renzo Real Estate Meetings

You are urged to attend all of the Renzo Real Estate sales meetings. At the meetings we will discuss stats, technology, relevant news, and work through real estate agent challenges. 

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Super Low Fees

Mastery Agents can jump on one of our plans with rock-bottom monthly fees to ensure they are financially set for their year. Say goodbye to enormous monthly fees! 


Weekly phone calls with your real estate mentor. Learn from them, practice with them, build your skills with them.  Put your mentor on speed dial in case you ever have a question. 

Weekly accountability sheets are submitted to make sure you are on track to succeed. 

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Business Planning

Business planning in real estate is so much more than putting a few numbers on a page and hoping for the best. Business planning is a systematic process. We look at your current list of prospects, streams of business, the potential for new business, and we reverse engineer it down to your daily actions. Neat, right? 

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Crazy Number of Resources

Full access to Renzo Real Estate resources where you will find templated emails, social media images, scripts, objection handling, marketing materials, listing presentations, buyer presentations, training videos and so, so much more. 

Role Playing in Real Estate 

Role-playing is one of the most important activities for a new or experienced real estate agent. Almost all successful agents will have a role-playing partner and schedule. When you are in the Renzo Real Estate Sales Mastery Program, you have weekly role-playing opportunities to sharpen your skills. 

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Contract Proofing 

You will be provided with an advanced understanding of contract writing in Alberta and educated on how to protect your client in a real estate transaction. Your mentor reviews your contracts prior to sending them off and they discuss strategy with you. Cool right? 

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