"Why Should I Do Business With You?"

You just finished a real estate listing presentation with a seller and you feel like everything went smoothly. You are smiling when you finally ask the seller "do you have any questions?”. The seller turns to you and asks, "Why should we do business with you instead of the 3 other agents whom we interviewed?"

This is when your palms start to sweat as you prepare to dive back into your marketing plan, your brand, your brokerage, your team, your new haircut and your nifty logo. Pump the breaks and consider this approach instead.

How are you different?

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While this may seem counterintuitive, start by indicating that they shouldn't necessarily do business with you. Instead of jumping back into your pitch, establish that you are comfortable letting the business go if it is not the right fit. This actually shows confidence and will assure the seller that you aren't just hungry for a commission cheque.

Now, shift the conversation back to the seller. Ask the seller if it is alright if you ask them a couple of questions to determine if they should do business with you.

Follow this with asking them about their greatest concern about listing with you (or any agent). They will begin to talk, and you must start writing like crazy. Take notes. Tons of notes! Note taking is essential for keeping your ideas straight, but more importantly, it shows the seller that you are listening.

This is the time they will tell you exactly what they are looking for. Now you have a high-level conversation about their concerns. Put their concerns away (people avoid pain) by discussing solutions (people are attracted to pleasure) and you will soon have yourself a signed listing contract!