Real Estate Agent Business Plan

Realtor Business Plan

Planning in real estate is extremely important. Ask any top producer out there if they have a real estate business plan and you will hear a resounding "Yes." The tricky thing can be where to start with a business plan, and which one do you choose. At Renzo Real Estate, we believe that your success should be reverse engineered to precisely what you need to do every day to achieve the result you are after. 

For that reason, we have created this real estate business plan. In this real estate business plan, you will dive into last year's production, and you will look forward over the next 12 months. New to real estate? No worries, you can still work through this business plan to set yourself up for success. 

Please download the real estate business plan:

Renzo Real Estate Business Plan PDF

Renzo Real Estate Business Plan Word Document

And follow the video to walk you through each step. 

Please pause the video at the appropriate times to allow you to fill in the blanks.