Selling a home in Calgary is an involved process, and it's important to set yourself up for success from the start. 

At Renzo Real Estate, we do believe in helping everyone in the transaction. The better your for sale by owner home aligns in the market, the better for everyone. The following is for information purposes only one should always seek out their own advice. 

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There will be absolutely no listing discussion nor will there be a sales pitch. This is purely to help you sell your house! on your own. Why? Because we need more homes sold in Calgary and we are here to help everyone.

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How about Some Expert Tips to Sell Your Home?

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1) Staging

Make sure your home is perfect. We often say the closer it looks to a hotel room the better. Countertops should be completely clear and limit your personal effects. Buyers will often make their decision in the kitchen or living room so focus heavily on these areas. Looking for FREE staging advice?

2) Pricing

The best staging and marketing in the world will not sell an overpriced home. As you begin rising above market value your pool of buyers shrinks dramatically. Furthermore, if your property is overpriced you are helping to sell other homes in the neighbourhood! Yikes. -- Feel free to use our pricing tool to help you find the perfect asking price. 

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3) Staying Objective

This is a tough one! Sellers tend to overvalue their home and upgrades while discounting those in other homes. The most important point here is not what someone *thinks* a property or upgrade is worth, it's what a buyer is willing to pay. We recommend stepping outside your home and entering while pretending that you are a buyer. This is looking at your home with "buyers' eyes."

4) Marketing

How do you break through the noise when marketing your property for sale? You do this through stunning marketing. It is important to know that your marketing begins online and even continues after you have had your showing. Make sure your home looks stunning online, in-person, and leaves the buyer with an amazing feeling. Have a look at one of Renzo Real Estate's Sample Listings below! 

5) Cooperating with Realtors

This is always up to each seller but it can open up a large group of buyers when there is cooperation with real estate agents. This can be in the form of compensation and in just creating a healthy relationship with those that have the potential to bring buyers to your property. You may find that most agents are looking for 3.5% on the first $100,000 and 1.5% on the remaining balance + GST but there is no standard fee.

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6) Negotiation

Negotiations can get heated in real estate. We always recommend staying firm while remaining level-headed. When you have an offer it's usually best to work with it to see if there is some common ground. Back-up your information and stance-up with facts and data. 

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7) Conditional Period

Most conditional periods in Calgary will last 7-10 business days and can include conditions such as financing, home inspection, and condo documents. There are countless other conditions but these are the main ones

  • Financing: This is where pricing your property appropriately comes into play. Even if the buyer is willing to pay over market value the bank may not approve the financing if they deem it to be above market value.

  • Home Inspection: Home inspectors will find things in every home - even new homes! Any lingering items that you need to repair should be done before the inspection. If the list of deficiencies is long, the buyer may wish to renegotiate.

  • Condo Documents: These tell the story of the condominium. Almost all purchases will be conditional on the documents, and it is usually the seller's responsibility to acquire the documents from their management company. Depending on your purchase agreement different documents may be required.


8) Closing The Sale

As you approach closing the buyer may be requesting a "walk-through". A walk-through is when the buyer has a final look right before funds transfer just to make sure the property is in essentially the same condition. Don't let things get messy when you get this far! Make sure your home is clean, vacant, and prepared for a smooth possession. 

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