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At Renzo Real Estate we work for you, not the other way around. We focus on empowering real estate professionals to succeed with cutting-edge tools, education, and a culture that fosters success.

At Renzo Real Estate, everyone has a voice and we believe in power of relationship-based selling. We are made up of entrepreneurs, doers, industry changers, motivators, and community builders. Let’s walk through the ins and outs. 

- Think Smart - Think Connected - Think Driven -

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About Renzo Real Estate

Find out about our organization, our mission, and the parts that make up Renzo Real Estate.

We have fun but we are serious about our mission

The Crew

Meet some of the fantastic people that have joined Renzo Real Estate. 

These people are downright awesome


Not every real estate brokerage is built the same way. Have a look at a few of the perks to hanging your hat with us.

Have a little look-see at these!  

Don’t downgrade your dream just to fit your reality; upgrade your conviction to match your destiny!


Renzo Real Estate is a family of motivated professionals who believe in culture, technology, lifelong learning, and community.


Mission Statement

Renzo Real Estate is on a mission to courageously challenge assumptions and craft the perfect real estate system for the modern-day agent. We are a technology-powered, people-focused brokerage and we choose to be extraordinary. At Renzo Real Estate you will achieve your definition of success in business and life.




At Renzo Real Estate we are here to elevate the life of the consumer and create a new category of real estate agent. We stand loudly at the forefront of innovation and we believe in honest service with personality. Our category of real estate agent rejects mediocrity and boldly takes on challenges. We believe that success in real estate, business, and in life is a choice and we embrace always pushing for extraordinary. We stand as a team and will choose to make the right decision regardless of ease. At Renzo Real Estate we are building the outstanding. We are curious and we have grit.



We value human connection, relationships, and ourselves. We are laser-focused on helping those around us and we always remain grateful for what we have been given. We value openness and honesty. Our decisions are governed by what is right and what is required with a full understanding that this is not always easy. We value work ethic and we are dedicated to never-ending growth and improvement. We value technology and choose to work onside with innovation. 




We believe the extraordinary is possible and we stand behind making the decisions that lead to the incredible. We do not condemn our mistakes but rather learn from them and approach lessons in life and business with optimism. We are open to receive and we are focused on providing our customers with the highest amount of value. We do not believe in scarcity and we help one another in our industry. We choose to master our craft and become exceptional in life and business. 

Do and believe that which moves you toward your goals
— Thomas Bilyeu
Established in 2017, Renzo Real Estate is a collection of real estate entrepreneurs who believe in innovation, honest sales, people, and personal growth. Husband-and-wife team Michael and Willemina Montgomery opened Renzo Real Estate to provide Calgary Realtors with the tools, support, and opportunities to launch their business to the next level while being surrounded by positivity. They want you to sell more real estate, grow personally, and build relationships. 

Oh yeah... We really like puppies too

The Perks

High Impact Training (Intro and Advanced)- The Best in Calgary

Free and unlimited access to the Renzo Real Estate Accelerator. This high impact training session is the all-in solution for modern agents who wish to operate at a superior level. You will receive endless resources, videos, and hacks. You will learn everything from modern selling to advanced contract negotiation! We know that square pegs don't fit in round holes which is why you have FREE access to custom real estate coaching throughout the year

Innovation Leaders

Real estate is on the cusp of a dramatic change. With disruptive technologies pushing the limits of human capabilities where will this industry be in 5 years? Well, we have you covered! Renzo is at the forefront of innovation in the real estate industry, and you will be best set up to thrive in a world with VR/AR, A.I., blockchain, driverless cars, chatbots, and robots! 

In-House Marketing

Don't worry about playing around with the photos in your feature sheets and rock your marketing materials; we got this for you! Or are you struggling with social media graphics, just sold postcards, or your personalized letterhead? At Renzo Real Estate, you have free access to the absolute best online marketing tool out there. - Rock your look and your brand! 

Renzo's Pals

At Renzo Real Estate we promote collaboration between industries in our unique office environment and we empower you to build your business alongside your Renzo Real Estate pals. Prospect with Renzo in the morning with a warm cup of Rosso Coffee, do free lunchtime yoga with entrepreneurs, chat with an in-office accountant in the afternoon, and network the night away with community leaders. If you want unlimited opportunities to build your business, Renzo is for you. Check out the office! 

Calgary's Team Focused Brokerage

At Renzo you are are an individual surrounded by a team of  support, care, and skill. Get all the benefits of joining a real estate team, while remaining an individual agent. We have the best Agent Collaboration Tools where you can ask a question, get someone to cover for you, or exchange a GIF with the press of a button.

Crazy, right? If you are jumping with excitement right now you are in good company, we are doing the same at the thought of meeting you!

We are super casual and low-pressure. We just love chatting about business.

Choose an Office Meeting or Walking Meeting

More goodies? You betcha! 

- FREE UNLIMITED Cloud Storage (Business and Personal). Say goodbye to "storage almost full"

- Full G-Suite Apps (Unlimited Gmail, Google Drive, Forms, Slides, Sheets, and so much more) 

- Daily Business Motivational/Inspirational Video to your Phone

- We <3 Social Media - Learn FB Ads, Insta Filters, #hashtags for success, and Snaps

- Quarterly Client Focused Events

- On-Demand Training Resources

- Prewritten and Accurate/Tested Sales Emails

- Weekly Renzo Training Meetings (In-Person or Virtual)

- Monthly Educational Speaker Sessions

- Custom websites developed for your listings (Example)

- Game changing technology (Virtual Reality, Communication Tools, Agent Portal, plus much more)

- Monthly Visual Statistics Package for Sharing (powerful marketing tool)

- Database Marketing Campaigns 

- Private Agent Resources Portal (everything you need in one place)

- Customer Relationship Management (CRM) options and solutions

- Weekly Podcast Interviews with Top Agents Across Canada and US

- The Best Transaction Management System - Eliminate 100% of the drudgery (official term.)

- Rapid Commission Payouts

- Unlimited High Fives from Renzo Staff (or fist bumps)


- High Performance Training

- In-House Marketing 

- Customizable Client Presentations (listing/buyer, leads, database, seminars, workshops)

- Digital Transaction Checklists

- FREE Digital Signing and Contract Organization

- Monthly Market Insights (visual, written and video)

- Agent Friendly Graphic Design Software with Customizable (Drag and Drop Templates)

- Office Yoga, Conditioning, and Meditation (OM Yeah)

- Perpetual Technology and Innovation Briefings (stay ahead of the curve and the robots)

- Weekly Role Play and Script Practice Sessions

- Weekly Lead Gen Tips and Market Round-Up

- Most Comprehensive New Agent Mentorship, Training, Support, Planning and Coaching

- Individualized Real Estate Business Coaching  

- Team incentives

- Brokerage Transition Assistance (seamless) 

- Community Impact Campaigns 

- Constant Networking Opportunities (In Office, Calgary Chamber of Commerce)

- Virtual Reality Training and Headsets

An office like no other! - The Future of Entrepreneurship

- Need Time Off? - The team culture makes it easy to hand things off to a colleague (and every leap year you’ll get the extra day off on February 29th)

- Need to hold a seminar, workshop, or throw an event? Our office is perfectly set up for all of these. You just have to invite the management team ;)



Want something else? Let us know.

We are here for you! 😃 

HAVE A LOOK AT A Few TOOLS Currently in our lab

Oh yeah, and don't forget a few other perks

MAGICAL Database Selling System

Yes, 95% of your business will likely come from past clients and referrals. That is why our sales approach is based on database building and nurturing. But how do we do this? Renzo has your back with nurturing systems, direct mail, e-newsletters, and client-focused events and seminars. (No sorcery is used in the office)


Your brokerage is meant to support you not overpower your brand. We believe you should be in the driver's seat of your own marketing. At Renzo Real Estate, you are free to choose your colours, marketing style, and design. So keep your logo (and your smile) - We want you for who you are!

Health is Important  

You are welcome to join the in-office yoga and conditioning classes. Need to meet with a manager? Make it a walking meeting. Stand up while you prospect on the phone. We also offer unlimited cod-liver oil and greens powder. It may not be super tasty, and not everyone sees it as a perk, but it sure is healthy!

Best Fee Structures In Town

Oh yeah, and we aren't about taking vast amounts of your commission cheques just to cover our overhead. Our plans were built by real estate agents, for real estate agents. Choose from a split structure to 100% commission structure and everything in between. 


Yes - We do a lot of cool things at our brokerage

Renzo Accelerator

Renzo Real Estate Accelerator

Beers with Renzo (9).png

Magical Training Videos

Beers with Renzo

Have a Beer with Renzo

Beers with Renzo (6).png

Modern Real Estate Radio

Beers with Renzo (8).png

Calgary Podcast


Renzo's Lab

Renzo's Innovation Lab

I want to know more! 

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The Renzo Real Estate Plans

Let's Talk Turkey
(but don't worry, there aren't any turkey plans)



Best for experienced or growing agent

Keep 100% of your commission. Small deal fee. Monthly fee.

A Great Fee Cap


Best for experienced, growing, or new agents


Keep 100% of your commission. Deal fee. Small monthly fee

A Great Fee Cap


Best for new agent or part time agent


Commission split, no deal fee, tiny monthly fee. 

A Great Fee Cap


For Teams


Discount on fee caps for registered teams at Renzo Real Estate


Add-On for New Agents

The best way to succeed in Real Estate!

Plan of your choosing + Lynx Plan

How are your fees so reasonable? Simple.

We don't have 6 managers to pay. Nor do we have unnecessary staff just for show (we are very efficient). No massive overhead. No unnecessary 6 offices (just one amazing office).  No franchise fees. No egos.
Just the absolute best-in-class service that truly helps your business!

"Commission Plans Made For Agents, By Agents"

Request Full Breakdown Of Plans

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We can introduce you to our friends at our co-working spaces to get you set up for success in one of our preferred co-working spaces.

- We don't believe you should pay for an office if you work remotely, so only pay for the space if you plan on using it - 


The New Way To Work


The Commons Calgary

Coworking will change how amazing people like you grow ideas, interact, and work. The Commons is a unique and contemporary space. It is more than just an office - the coworking environment is a real community built for those who believe in the power of collaboration. 

Work - Meet - Events 


Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 7.08.43 AM.png
Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 7.09.44 AM.png
Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 7.09.35 AM.png


  • ‘Full-time’ area with dedicated office space and secure storage units
  • 'Studio' area that includes numerous private offices
  • ‘Drop-in’ area with comfortable seating and expansive work surfaces
  • Lounge and bar area with booths, couches and cafe tables
  • 24/7 access options for select memberships after 30 days+ of being a Commoner
  • Pre-booked private meeting areas for small and large groups, including large screen TVs and projectors
  • Kitchen with microwave, dishwasher, kettle, coffee maker, toaster and more
  • Chalkboard walls for brainstorming
  • Complimentary parking
  • An opportunity to host a Show & Tell on your area of expertise


        Learn More About The Commons

  • Regular opportunities to connect with members - coffee gatherings, lunches, events
  • Fresh artisanal coffee
  • Fresh fruit
  • Baked goods
  • Toast with peanut butter and jam
  • Dog friendly (with approval)
  • Sharing space with exceptional people doing extraordinary things
  • Catering arrangements for breakfasts, lunches, and snacks for meeting bookings
  • Whiteboards, flip charts and markers for idea sketching
  • Shower facilities
  • Open concept meeting areas
  • Exclusive classes, workshops and events
  • Event space



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Are you a new real estate agent?

As a new real estate agent in Calgary, Renzo Real Estate has your back.

The numbers don't lie. Unfortunately, more agents quit real estate in their first two years than stay in the industry. This is not because these agents didn't have potential - it is mainly due to the lack of training and mentoring.  At Renzo Real Estate we take new-agent training seriously; so seriously, in fact, that we have a full success plan for a new real estate agent. This program is not for the faint of heart as the training is in-depth and current. 

This is the most extensive training program out there and it is exclusively for Renzo Real Estate Agents

What is involved in Calgary's Real Estate Mastery Program



Calgary's complete and advanced real estate sales training is here! Renzo Real Estate is hosting The Real Estate Accelerator - exclusively for Renzo Real Estate Agents who do not accept mediocrity and are determined to create the best life for themselves in real estate.


Weekly Renzo Real Estate Meetings

You are urged to attend all of the Renzo Real Estate sales meetings. At the meetings we will discuss stats, technology, relevant news, and work through real estate agent challenges. 


Super Low Fees

Mastery Agents jump on our Eagle Plan with rock-bottom monthly fees to ensure they are financially set for their year. Say goodbye to enormous monthly fees! 


Weekly phone calls with your real estate mentor. Learn from them, practice with them, build your skills with them.  Put your mentor on speed dial in case you ever have a question. 

Weekly accountability sheets are submitted to make sure you are on track to succeed. 

Role Playing Real Estate

Business Planning

Business planning in real estate is so much more than putting a few numbers on a page and hoping for the best. Business planning is a systematic process. We look at your current list of prospects, streams of business, the potential for new business, and we reverse engineer it down to your daily actions. Neat, right? 

Alberta Real Estate Contracts

Crazy Number of Resources

Full access to Renzo Real Estate resources where you will find templated emails, social media images, scripts, objection handling, marketing materials, listing presentations, buyer presentations, training videos and so, so much more. 

Role Playing in Real Estate 

Role-playing is one of the most important activities for a new or experienced real estate agent. Almost all successful agents will have a role-playing partner and schedule. When you are in the Renzo Real Estate Sales Mastery Program, you have weekly role-playing opportunities to sharpen your skills. 

Business Planning Real Estate

Advanced Contract Writing 

You will be provided with an advanced understanding of contract writing in Alberta and educated on how to protect your client in a real estate transaction. This section will dive into the nuances and provisions of the contract and you will learn how to negotiate contracts. 

Renzo Real Estate Resources

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We are a new kind of real estate brokerage that invests in you and your education. We believe that real estate should be built on exceptional client service and relationship-based selling, all the while defining the future of real estate with technology.

We see the real estate industry in a different light and we are committed to enriching the lives of our associates, whether that means helping you build your business or if you need to find that elusive work-life balance. 

As a Renzo Real Estate Agent, you’ll be assisting with all aspects of the listing and buying process. You are your own boss and we are here to guide you. If you are an experienced associate we have top-notch incentives to help catapult your business with Renzo Real Estate. If you are new to real estate you will be trained in every aspect of the transaction and you will be coached from day one.

We are looking for you if you have the following:

- Drive to learn, curiosity, commitment to improving the industry, interest in sales, strong communication skills, and are a team player. 

Renzo Real Estate is both financially-invested and time-invested in our associates, so, please note we are very particular in our hiring procedures. 

Compensation: Commission-based with a plan to help you succeed immediately.

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