Calgary Real Estate Booster

A mastermind group for the real estate industry

The Calgary Real Estate Booster is open to anyone in the real estate industry: agents, brokers, mortgage brokers, inspectors, lawyers, builders, and any other professional who is motivated to build an amazing community around real estate, people, innovation, and giving back! 

We are a collection of forward thinking real estate professionals who believe in improving the industry, helping our community, and building strong relationships with members in the real estate industry.

It's fast, fun, engaging, and impactful. 

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Pump Up The Real Estate Industry



Know your peeps! We live in the digital age but there is still no substitute for meeting your colleagues in person. 

We plan to meet on a monthly basis to discuss current matters in the real estate community and Calgary as a whole. 

Meet an agent or two, swap ideas, and watch how smooth that next transaction will be.


Be a "real-good real estate agent"! The Calgary Real Estate Booster is a community of Calgary's most forward thinking people in our industry. 

As a group, we will select a group charity, volunteer opportunity, or movement to collectively support.

Do you have any favourite charities or movements you would like to nominate? 

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Together we can keep improving our great industry. At The Calgary Real Estate Booster, we will discuss where the industry is going and hear your thoughts on the current state of our industry.

This community is built by real estate industry members who believe in improving our industry every day. 


Bring your thinking caps because we will be learning from professionals doing some interesting things in the real estate community. What is new in technology? What are the new developments in town?

Stay one step ahead with The Calgary Real Estate Booster


Great! So what do we do?

Glad you asked, we meet on a monthly basis to have a round table discussion. Topics will be delivered beforehand so you can prepare any comments you may have. 

The discussions will be based on what is of interest to the group: innovation, tools, industry news, etc.

Each meeting will consist of presentations, discussions, giving back, breakfast, and high fives.

Stay Fuelled

Of course, we need to eat too. We can't be running out of energy in the middle of showings or a listing presentation. 

Grab breakfast during the mastermind event. 

Because a fed real estate agent is a happy real estate agent.

Real Estate Brokerage - Realtor Training
Real Estate Brokerage - Realtor Training

What is the Time Commitment?

The meetings are 2 hours in the morning. That way you can have some thoughtful discussions before you greet the day. I know, I know, I know, real estate agents sleep in, but it's only one day a month. 

It begins at 8:00 AM and by 10:00 AM, you will be lacing up your boots and hitting the road.

Real Estate Brokerage - Realtor Training

Ok, I'm intrigued. When is it?

Real Estate Brokerage - Realtor Training

Can't Make It In Person?

No worries, we are LIVE on Facebook for the event!