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Renzo Real Estate's 7-Step Buying Program

1. Customized Home Searching

When buying a home, your Renzo Real Estate professional will set up your tailored home search portal - Never miss a property listed within your criteria


Looking for information on the listing down the street? Ask us! We are here to help. 

2. Advisory

When you pair with a Renzo Real Estate professional, you pair with a personal real estate advisor.

3. Negotiation

Your Renzo Real Estate professional knows negotiation. Our agents go to bat for you and are backed with the tools to help you achieve your real estate goals.


Looking for a Certified Negotiation Expert to help with negotiations? We have negotiation experts on our team. 

4. Market Intelligence

Your Renzo Real Estate professional has access to an extensive network of market intelligence tools and resources. We are here to help you make sense of the current conditions and forecasted outlook.

5. Touring Properties

Our trained experts have been through a ton of properties and they know what to look for. Not every home is the same. Allow our professionals to point out features, potential drawbacks, and explain the property to you.


At Renzo, we have everything you need to make an informed decision from pricing tools to experiencing homes in 3D/virtual reality

6. Partners & Support

We have the connections, partners, and friends to help with the process. We have trusted sources for you in all areas relating to the sale of your home.

7. Peace of Mind

We have your back through this process and beyond.

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