The 3 Best Real Estate CRMs for Real Estate Agents in Canada

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You have a list of previous clients, you just met a family at an open house, and you received a sign call last week: how are you going to keep track of these people. If you think putting scrap paper in a shoebox with phone numbers or plugging client into your phone will cut it, you are in for a wake-up call after a handful of deals. Customer Management Systems (CRM) are a necessity for Realtors in Canada, and at Renzo Real Estate, we strongly recommend you keep (and use of course) a CRM. 
Now, there is truth in the old adage “the best CRM is the one you use”, but let’s be honest, if the system works, we will use it. The following 3 CRM recommendations are all solutions we have tested and you will be able to find a solution, regardless of your budget. In reviewing and working through all sorts of CRM systems, these are our favourites for real estate agents in Calgary and Canada. (Note: We are not affiliated with any of these companies) 

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1) Realtyjuggler - This CRM was the first system we used as newer agents and it was perfect for our needs. This CRM is ideal for real estate agents on a budget. Coming in at around $100 USD per year, you can’t beat the price. This CRM integrates well with Gmail, it has lead management systems, and you can set important reminders. Also, it integrates with Mailchimp and other marketing services. It was peanuts to figure out the back end and we had great success with this system. The only downside is it lacks some of the bells and whistles that other CRMs have but ultimately, it is a great tool for its price. 


2) IXACT Contact  - This was the second CRM we consistently used in our real estate business. We loved that IXACT Contact is a Canadian company (based out of Toronto) as they understood our business more so than the American CRM services. For budgeting purposes, we love tools in Canadian Dollars. IXACT Contact can do everything Realtyjuggler can do and it does have some further robust features. Deal tracking more clear and it integrates nicely with many services. The real differentiating factor for us was the marketing side to IXACT Contact. With the check of a box beside your client, they can be set to receive mailed (and/or emailed) market report (through Morris Marketing). This was a game changer for us since we were able to track deals, follow up with clients, and send out an item of value monthly. IXACT Contact also has a team feature for real estate groups and they have a website with IDX option. The cost is slightly higher but still reasonable: starting at $380 per year. 

3) Contactually - This CRM is our hands down favourite. Contactually is laser focused on two things, real estate and client follow up. With this CRM, you place clients into “buckets”. Each bucket has a selected period of when you would like to follow up. So a buyer is in your “Buyer Bucket” with you reaching out monthly. Then they close, so you move them to “Past Client Bucket” with you following up every 90 days. The real power is the integration with your services. It is so well integrated that it will register if you email (or even call/text if you set it up) and it will restart that individual in the bucket. You can also have auto send emails and drip campaigns set up. It is truly the best CRM for real estate agents that are focused on client follow-up. However, this American company does come with a cost of $45-$75 USD per month. The cost is higher, but we have found the ROI to be there for Contactually. 


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