6 Things Sellers Do Wrong in Real Estate

6 Mistakes Sellers Make in Real Estate

Home Seller Mistakes

You went through all this work to put your home on the market. The photos look stunning, and you are confident about the marketing plan. However, as time goes on, you are noticing showing requests are slowing down, and your spirits are in decline.

There are a number of reasons your home may not be selling but let's look at a few things that many sellers get wrong.

1) Not accommodating showings

I know there is a great episode of Game of Thrones on that night but, unfortunately, your out-of-town buyer doesn't care. It seems obvious, but if you do not allow buyers through your home on their schedules, your home will not sell. If you truly want to sell your home then do everything you can to allow every showing request.

2) Not cutting your lawn

Buyers notice the long grass and the snowy walks. It doesn't seem like a deal breaker to miss one week of cutting your lawn but there is one reason you should mow your lawn, and it's not looks. An overgrown lawn or signs of neglect reflect on you as a seller. Buyers see long grass and say "Hmm, I wonder what else they neglect in the home..." - ouch!

3) Not doing touch-ups

This goes hand-in-hand with the lawn and it bears repeating. Chips in the paint, small piece missing on the baseboard, dusty shelves, kids toys out, etc. All these things paint a picture of who you are as a seller. Make sure they are painting a pretty picture.

4) Leaving the toilet seat open

Put it down! Show off your bathroom, not the toilet bowl!

Seller Mistakes Real Estate

5) Not setting the mood

Make sure your lamps are on and try to turn on the lights. Often times, agents and buyers quickly go through homes without having a chance to turn all the lights on and thereby missing a chance to showcase your home in the best light possible (literally!). Set the mood from the start.

6) Not listening to your Realtor®

You two are on the same team. You have a mutual purpose in selling your house. This does not mean you blindly follow their wishes, but they have been through these situations many times. Lean on them to help guide you with showings, marketing, and price.

Turn these 6 things around and you can expect a much quicker sale.

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