52 Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas


Realtor Lead Gen Ideas

As a real estate agent, you are always on the hunt for new lead gen ideas to help propel your real estate business. The way buyers and sellers find their real estate professional is continuously changing and there are new ways to get in front of clients all the time. That being said, Realtors can overcomplicate the lead gen process, and we tend to forget about the tested methods of connecting with the public. Here are 52 ideas to kick-start your lead gen.

1. Weekly live real estate show on social media
2. Festival Booths
3. Home selling/buying seminars
4. Home selling/buying webinars
5. Strategic alliances with business
6. Promotion of local businesses
7. Create networking group
8. Host garage sales
9. Post an MLS house of the week on social
10. Post a daily real estate tip
11. Organize community events
12. Challange yourself to blog 3x per week
13. Buy breakfast for local do-good group (police, firefighters, volunteers, etc)
14. Sponsor local sports
15. Hand out gift cards for Starbucks outside the store (with your business card or mug) 
16. Speak at career days at high schools/universities
17. Teach a course
18. Take a local course of interest
19. Donate to a cause
20. Provide more value than you request in payment
21. Call/Mail/Email FSBO consistently
22. Buy a book of business from a retiring agent
23. Hold a new home marketing show for builders
24. Visit 2 past clients per week
25. Volunteer for causes
26. Run local Facebook Ads to your farm
27. Narrow down a Geo-Farm
28. Narrow down a demographic farm
29. Host quarterly events for your clients
30. Deliver stats packages door to door
31. Publish on LinkedIn - Find leads on LinkedIn
32. Join HOA
33. Sit on community boards
34. Use text to lead on signs
35. Explore your hobbies and do so with other people
36. Talk to 10 people every day about real estate
37. Network with out of town agents
38. Add live chat to website
39. Add chatbot to social media page
40. Use Facebook pixel retargeting ads
41. Learn/Use Google Adwords
42. Use a tool like Buffer to schedule social media
43. Move in parties
44. Join your Chamber of Commerce
45. Join Toastmasters
46. Join country club
47. Network with contractors
48. Share testimonials
49. Host a leaving the neighbourhood party for your sellers at an open house
50. Connect with local social media influencers
51. Monthly database postcards and e-newsletters
52. Be enthusiastic in all you do 

There you have it! 52 Lead gen ideas for real estate agents. The biggest tip of all is to just get into action. Thinking and planning only takes you so far. So get out there and generate some leads! 


#1 By Pixarch at 3/26/2020 10:22 PM

I have picked many of the ideas you explore, I really agree with many of your points thanks for sharing

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