5.5 Proven Prospecting Ideas That Work


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A prospecting strategy is a must for real estate agents. In our experience, it isn't the prospecting that agents don't like. What they don't like is the icky feeling that accompanies the "P" word. Agents do not want to call their database asking for Realtors??, nor do they want to begin rifling through the phone book to lock down their next lead. Worry not, we have your back! The following are our most recommended prospecting strategies.

  1. Media Commitment - Video, Podcasting, Blogging, Social Media. As with farming, we should all be open to using our phones to broadcast our message. The primary resistance point is "I don't know what to say". You don't have to reinvent the wheel. Just document your day-to-day life. What is it like to show a house? What are your daily habits? How about that new listing in your neighbourhood?
  2. B2B Partnership Building - Businesses help businesses. The other entrepreneurs out there know how important it is to build relationships in your community. Take excellent care of these relationships as they can potentially be a huge source of referrals. Be sure to pass their names on to your network, and they will do the same in return.

  3. Get in front of Peeps - Speaking, Seminars, Webinars. You have heard it a million times, so how about once more? Real estate is a relationship based business. Technology has great power, but it doesn't replace the power of being in front of another person. Host seminars and promote that you are open to speaking. This will help establish you as the pro. No worries if you are not comfortable with this yet, start with webinars.

  4. Build it - Start Events Build Groups. If you truly want to establish yourself in the community, you have to build something. Starting an event or a group does take time, but it will pay off. Bringing people together is one of the most powerful ways to secure your place as an industry expert and here is the great thing, it doesn't have to be around real estate. As long as everyone in your group knows that you are in real estate, then you’re building something that could lead to endless business.

  5. Geo Farming - Pull a Gary V and be a media company for your community that happens to sell real estate. Build a community website/Facebook Group, have ongoing targeted Facebook Ads, deliver door hangers with relevant information, go door knocking with items of value, use relevant hashtags, have coffee at the local coffee shop and meet the regulars.

5.5. Demographic Farming - Farming doesn't have to end at a geographical line. Demographic farming is the same as Geo Farming but you are focusing on a general demographic, cause, activity, or organization. You can be the go-to Realtor® for doctors, engineers, cyclists, tech companies, pet owners, basketball players, condo buyers, investors, etc. If you can name it, there is likely a group out there. The trick here is to farm based on an activity you like and then find a way to connect with these people.

Top Realtor Training - Calgary, Alberta

Prospecting is a part of every successful real estate agent's business. Do it well, and you can see enormous growth to your business.

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