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Hi guys!

I’m Bekka and I love this city! So let me tell you a bit about myself, I was born in Switzerland and lived there for 18 months before my parents packed me up and made the BIG move to Canada in the late 80s. I grew up on a dairy farm and I’m the oldest of five kids, so there was no shortage of action growing up that’s for sure! When you grow up in a large family there’s a lot of stories and laughs to share, from being chased by a raging bull or driving the tractor into the ditch to our very own invented sport: Trampoline Fighting (I do not recommend this for anyone, of any age). But seriously, for me, I get so much fulfillment in my life from the success and happiness of my friends and family and when you are surrounded by inspiring and motivational people, well it’s hard not to love life.

With my background in Business Administration and plenty of real-life experiences, I bring an ambitious and diligent work ethic to everyone I serve. I became a Realtor® because after  moving to Calgary from Nelson, BC, I was wonderfully mesmerized by this great city and now I want others to have this experience too. Being in real estate is my way of sharing the love for Calgary.

I must admit, I have a bit of an obsession with interior design. I draw inspiration from a multitude of places, from eclectic collections of colours and patterns from different cultures to the endless inspiration of the natural world. This passion can translate to hours spent on Pinterest. My partner and friends can attest to that, as our downtown condo is always changing its decor. Speaking of downtown, living there has changed my lifestyle for the positive. From the quick access to parks and pathways to the fun events that are held all over the city - all of this invigorates my passion for life, this city, and real estate!

I am committed to making sure your real estate experience is one of the best. Like overall life badass Cameron Hanes says “#keephammering”, and that couldn’t be truer as I’m dedicated to giving you world-class service and help guide you through your dreams to home-ownership. Give me a call and we’ll chat!